Proposal Photography

Proposals are one of the dreamiest things to photograph, in our opinion. Lots of other things are sweet and all, but proposals are packed with raw emotion and hearts-in-your-eyes. It's a chest-thumping, life changing, thrilling moment. There will never be another one quite like it.

We start by meeting with you and talking about your plans - do you envision this moment as a private affair, just you two alone in the mountains? Or were you imagining an urban setting? Tell us all about your fiance-to-be and what you were already imagining, and we'll help you make a perfect proposal plan. We'll invest the time, go hiking and exploring, and find the right location where we can blend in to the surroundings and give you two the moment of privacy you need. We've been known to don camouflage and hide in the woods, or dress up head-to-toe in full on disguise and blend into a crowded beach. Basically, we'll do what it takes to plan the proposal and get the shot you're looking for.

Proposals are a candid love story, and that's what we intend to capture. When we sit down and talk about your plan, you can decide on exactly where you'd like to do it, and when you'd like the images. Proposals are personal by nature, and we think that our packages should embrace that and give you a chance to customize the details.

If you are considering proposing (or marrying) outside of the Anchorage & Mat-Su area, don't let that stop you from contacting us. Travel fees may apply, but we love traveling so much, I think you'll find them fairly reasonable.

Pricing starts at $600. We meet up for coffee, talk about your plans, and then head out to scope out the location. From there

Proposal Portfolio

Jon and Parys

Chris and Kristin